Flohmarkt by Stephen Shore

The images above are laptop screen grabs.
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Stephen Shore on The Book of Books

"Intrigued by the creative potential of print-on-demand technology, in 2003 Stephen Shore began making a series of books using Apple's iPhoto service. Each book was a visual record of his activities on one particular day. The project shifted in emphasis from August 2005, when Shore determined to make an entire book wherever he was in the world 'on days that The New York Times deemed an event newsworthy enough to bestow one of its six-column, full-width banner headlines to it. 

Produced in editions of 20 and sold at his galleries, these books have become coveted and collected by the photographic community. They were exhibited as part of Shore’s show at New York’s International Center of Photography in 2007 and The Metropolitan Museum of Art bought a set for its permanent collection.

The Book of Books is a highly collectible, two volume book (limited to 250 copies) containing a complete collection of these 83 print-on-demand books. The original layouts, including blank pages, are reproduced at actual size and organised chronologically. In this way, the collector experiences each book and the entire book project as Stephen Shore originally intended."  Phaidon

Format: PDF

Price: Free download (The Book of Books is $2500)

Links: Phaidon and Conscientious (interview and pdf download at the bottom of the page)

Comment: Flohmarkt contains 14 photos from a flea market in Vienna, Austria. It's only one of Shore's 83 print on demand books included in the huge and costly "The Book of Books" published by Phaidon recently. This PDF, probably intended for print output was kindly shared as a free download a couple of years ago. 
The individual photos (while good) isn't what impresses the most with Flohmarkt or some of the other books glimpsed, it's the concepts and the collected whole.
Due to the inaccessibility of these books, this pdf is the little most of us will see. What a great solution an app, ebook or website could be to make all of the books more accessible.


Content: 12/20

Design: 6/15

Value: 5/5

TOTAL: 23/40

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  1. Great talk given by Stephen at SFMOMA this year. About 1:09 in he talks about his print on demand books. http://www.sfmoma.org/explore/multimedia/videos/484


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