Le Parc Automobile Européen by Annelise Coste

The images above are iPhone screen grabs.

"Download and collect your favorite Nieves Zines, carefully edited and adapted
for the multi-touch retina display. Leaf through each Zine from front to back, identical to the original, all in a single app optimised for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad."  Nieves

Format: In App Purchase in the Nieves App, compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Price: $0.99 for In App Purchase. The Nieves App is free.

Links: iTunes and Nieves

Comment: There isn't much information about this project online and maybe it isn't needed. It's only 9 b&w photos of parked cars. The photos appear so neutral that it's easy to forget about the make and model and just focus on the shapes and the soft light hitting the lacquer and the windows. Whatever one might think of it, this is the playfulness and spontaneity a zine or sometimes digital publishing can provide. It's hard to compare a zine to a book in terms of the strength of content and design, but it has other strengths that are hard to rate.


Content: 10/20

Design: 7/15

Value: 4/5

TOTAL: 21/40

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