Radiation Tokyo by Suguru Takeuchi

The images above are iPhone screen grabs.

"End of May, 2011, I went around taking photos with the camera on my mobile phone, a Geiger counter and a scintillation survey meter. This was continued everyday."  Suguru Takeuchi

"Born 1963 in Kobe. Japanese Video director & photographer. Around 1990, He began shooting music videos for a record company. From 2000, he branched out to shoot commercials, short films, photography and film, receiving numerous awards both domestic and internationally. His favorite cameras are Deardorff 8×10 and Xperia.

Tokyo and its vicinity, as well as New Zealand, and a stopover in Australia, were backdrops for photographer Suguru Takeuchi’s 119 photographs where he first measured the radiation and then shot the photograph in the same place."  108UNITED

Format: App compatible with iPad and iPhone.

Price: Free

Links: iTunes and 108UNITED 

Comment: Radiation Tokyo only exists as an app, a contrast to many of the apps currently out there that are based on previously published books. The design works really well and doesn't get in the way, allthough it would be great if the date (while nicely designed and of importance) that shows up and fades away on every page could be turned off, especially as there are 119 photos to go through. 
The diaristic photography is ranging from everyday mobile phone snaps to quite strong photos. This work is a proof of how much impact a single fact, not visible in the photo, can have on a photograph. As this app is free, it's a must have if you own one of the devices it's compatible with.


Content: 17/20

Design: 12/15

Value: 5/5

TOTAL: 34/40

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