Personal Best by Elliott Erwitt

The images above are iPad screen grabs.

"This stunning assembly of work was personally selected by Elliott Erwitt himself and includes exclusive video on the photography master as well as an audio tour throughout the eBook touching on the themes in his work and his method over a 60+ year career. Swipe through the 343 photographs at your own pace with the option to engage with Erwitt as he recounts how he captured some of the twentieth century’s most historic moments. 

Prior to the publication of the print edition of Personal Best, most of these images had never been published before. Every image is photography at its most ebullient and life-enhancing and each reflects the scope of Erwitt’s observant eye. His work—often comic, sometimes heart-rending, always compelling—is spontaneous and unembellished. Here is a fitting tribute to this Magnum photographer who has shot cultural icons, Hollywood legends, and some of the twentieth century’s most historic moments. Erwitt’s delight in everyday irony has captured many witty moments, including his famous portraits of people and dogs. 

Elliott Erwitt Biography 
Born in Paris in 1928, Elliott Erwitt arrived in the U.S. in the late 1930s. Establishing himself in the ’40s and ’50s as a leading magazine photographer, he joined the prestigious Magnum Agency in 1953. In addition to his work in magazines, he has achieved great success as a commercial photographer and as a documentary photographer and filmmaker. Erwitt is the 2011 recipient of the International Center of Photography’s (ICP) Infinity Award for Lifetime Achievement. Additionally, the ICP has a major retrospective of Elliott’s photography that will run from May 20 through August 28, 2011."  teNeues 

Format: App compatible with iPad only. There's also a much more expensive "Enhanced Edition" ebook available, compatible with iBooks on both iPhone and iPad. This review is for the app only.

Price: $5.99 (The Enhanced Edition is $32.99)

Comment: This is an app packed full of content; 343 photographs, a short video and audio commentary by Erwitt. The audio commentary is unpretentious, often funny and provides extra insight. The app also contains some text, but it's small and pixelates as you enlarge it, leaving you with a bad reading experience. 
What's best about the app is the photos that are reproduced beautifully on the backlit display. Erwitt has such a broad vision; from the old, funny and romantic shots that some would almost consider a bit cliche today, to important historic documents, and to a more serious and complex side. With 343 photographs the bookmark function comes in handy.


Content: 19/20

Design: 9/15

Value: 5/5

TOTAL: 33/40

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