Tunnel by Hoichi Nishiyama

The images above are iPad screen grabs.

" “Tunnel for iPad”, by engineering photographer Hoichi Nishiyama, is a photo book app based on his book “Tunnel” (published 2005 by Japan Construction Method and Machinery Research Institute for the Japan Construction Mechanization Association). It shows a mystery world that is normally not visible; of giant shield machines on the move, the serene light shining into the tunnel to the thriving drill machine. 

Hoichi Nishiyama / photographer 
Born 1952 in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University’s design department in photography. After working at Hakuhodo and Tokyu agency, he turned freelance. After working in commercial photography, he moved on to become a civil engineering photographer in 1993. His photographs of past legacies in civil engineering and civil engineering construction are regularly printed in industry magazines. He also photographs calendars and completion photographs for major construction companies. He is the chief of the “photographing civil engineering” office. 
He has published books of photography such as Harbor Legacy (Japan Dredging and Reclamation Engineering Association) and Taushubetsu (Kodansha) in 2002, Civil Engineering by the Water (INAX publishing) in 2003, SADO MINE (Niigata Daily Newspaper Company in 2011. He has held photography exhibitions every year since 1997. Taushubetsu was awarded the Publishing Culture Award 2003 by the Institution of Civil Engineers."  108UNITED

Format: Seperate apps for iPad and iPhone (non-universal). iPad app reviewed.

Price: iPad and iPhone apps are $9.99 each.

Links: iTunes and 108UNITED

Comment: The clear layout, index, order, excellent captioning and essays all makes Tunnel logical, interesting and easy to understand, without knowing much about the subject beforehand. The slideshow with music (that works with the photography) is also a nice feature, if you just want to sit back and enjoy. 
The content is fascinating as it shows you a world you don't normally see or hear about. For many of us that's what photography is all about, showing new worlds or showing subjects from unique personal perspectives. 


Content: 18/20

Design: 12/15

Value: 5/5

TOTAL: 35/40

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