Where E-Books and Photobooks Meet by Greg Albers

The images above are iPad screen grabs.

Greg Albers of Hol Art Books recently gave a talk about digital photobook publishing at the Phoenix Art Museum, where he mentioned The Digital Photobook. He also produced an interesting ebook version of the talk. Above are some screen grabs from the ebook and below are some extracts from the Hol Art Books blog. Read the whole post and download the ebook for free here.

"Where E-Books and Photobooks Meet is a talk I recently gave at the Phoenix Art Museum. It was organized by the museum's very active In Focus, photography patrons group, and is a reprise, and update, of a talk I first gave at the Society for Photographic Education conference (SPE) in San Francisco this past March. 

Though I hope you'll download the e-book version of the talk for yourself, if you're not sure you want to slog through the whole thing I'll just give you my conclusion right here: Photobooks + EPUB = ♥

And over the short five months since giving this talk the first time, there have been a number of interesting new efforts, including:

A great new digital photobook review site, from photographer Martin Brink (and I love Brink's free PDF photobooks as well): The Digital Photobook."

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