Shameless self-promotion - my PDF books

From top to bottom "Garden", "Walks", "Pontiac Street View" and "Trash In Grass".

This blog isn't supposed to be about my own work at all, but as I've made a couple of PDF books I might as well tell about them. 

In 2011 I created the first PDF book called "Garden". It was a small series and a PDF was a playful way of presenting them. The PDF's has become a way to edit, structure and make sense of the photos I shoot, and also a way to present them in a different context than on the website or in book form. 

They are very basic and are in no way meant to be compared to some of the other carefully crafted apps and ebooks presented on this blog.

So far there are four books:

Garden, 2011 (updated 2012)
Trash In Grass, 2011
Walks, 2012
Pontiac Street View, 2012

They are optimized for the iPad with iBooks and are avalilable for free download here.


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