Sugimoto 1988 by Hiroshi Sugimoto

The images above are iPad screen grabs.

"Hiroshi Sugimoto’s long out of print first catalog published in 1988 to accompany his solo exhibition at Sagacho Exhibit Space, is now available as an iPad application, featuring 43 master works from the DIORAMAS, THEATERS, and SEASCAPES series."  108UNITED

Format: App compatible with iPad only.

Price: $16.99

Links: iTunes and 108UNITED

Comment: This is the app version of Sugimoto's first monograph/exhibition catalogue, published in 1988.
A signed version of the highly collectible, and long out of print catalogue is currently available online for $3000, making it out of reach for most.
The first feeling I had looking at this app, was why there wasn't more enhancements made to the original catalogue, especially as this is a quite pricey app. It could be additional text or audio in the form of stories or interviews. It could of course also be video, additional photographs or something else.
That said, I've looked a lot at 1988 and have returned many times, which is the most important thing with any book. The photographs are stunning and the carefully considered design doesn't get in the way of the delicate work. Looking at Sugimoto's theaters in a dark room, on the backlit display is probably the most powerful experience I've encountered with a digital photo book, so far.


Content: 17/20

Design: 13/15

Value: 4/5

TOTAL: 34/40

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