Everyday by Byron Wolfe

"Every day between his thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth birthdays, photographer Byron Wolfe gave himself the task of making one new picture. The only rule he set was that each had to be original and compelling. This deceptively simple plan provided a chance for the busy photography professor to not only carve out time for his own work, but to document the world around him, in all its unexpected beauty and mundane detail. Perhaps the most surprising fact of all is how often the beautiful and the mundane turned out to be one and the same.

First published in hardcover by Chronicle Books (San Francisco) the project was awarded the esteemed Santa Fe CENTER Prize in Photography. The work was also selected as a finalist for the inaugural Honickman First Book Prize from Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies (judged by Robert Adams).

Byron Wolfe is a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in photography. He teaches and practices photography in Northern California."  One Tree Press

Format: iBooks Author designed ebook, compatible with iPad only.

Price: $3.99

Links: iTunes, One Tree Press and Byron Wolfe

Comment: The amount of great and diverse photographs in "Everyday" is impressive, and along with the short descriptive texts it draws you in. The iBooks Author design works and fills it function, and the ability to bookmark in iBooks is useful with this many pages, but it's a shame that these ebooks only works with the iPad with iBooks. The ultimate design freedom one can get when making an app isn't there with iBooks author, and I don't like that the iPad status bar is shown while looking at these books. The upside is that the software is free to download and for everyone with an iPad and Mac to use.
To conclude, I've seen photographers do similiar projects as Byron, but rarely with as good results. He's personal, open to new ideas, and as creative and inventive as one can be every day. Add to that the fact that this diaristic body of work was finished almost 10 years ago, when digital was still in its cradle.


Content: 19/20

Design: 10/15

Value: 5/5

TOTAL: 34/40

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