My Own Wilderness by Christopher H Paquette

Photos from top: Martin Buday, M Scott Brauer, Eamon Mac Mahon, Herve Demers

"Wilderness has many meanings in this shrinking world we live in. The traditional definition is 'an area of earth untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain'. Where there once were immense regions on the planet that could be defined in this way, today there are fewer and fewer untrammeled places. But wilderness can also be more than a physical place. It can be a state of mind, a condition of loneliness, an economic or political status. It can exist within the most populated cities as a personal space created by the individual. How do you define wilderness?
I was looking for answers to the ways in which photographers interpret and sort through their own personal experiences with both the physical and the theoretical forms of wilderness. How would these conceptions look as photographs?"  Christopher H Paquette

Format: Blurb ebook or print on demand book

Price: Free (book $47.95)

Links: Blurb and PHOTO/arts Magazine

Comment: I have decided to not rate/review Blurb ebooks simply because I don't like them. I don't like the fake spreads, pages and shadowing, and they are simply to easy to make, as you can create these ebooks from any Blurb print on demand book you've made (which even I made myself). Physical and digital books are two different things and to automatically transfer a physical book to digital rarely work.
That said, "My Own Wilderness" is a good project and the ebook is free, so it is definitely worth a look to see this nicely edited body of work from various photographers. It also offers a good preview if you're thinking of getting the print on demand book.


  1. Blurb is not responsible for the fake spreads, etc. That comes with the iBook app design. I have not found a way to eliminate that yet. Perhaps if we ask often enough, it will be allowed.

  2. Thanks for your comment Karen.
    Sure, iBooks has a certain design for some formats, but Blurb is responsible for the software creating the books, the format, what software it will be compatible with and the devices it will work on. Both pdf's and iBooks Author books doesn't look like that and they open in iBooks as well.

  3. Yes, but the epub3 open standard is more flexible than either of those formats, and currently that can only be played in the iBooks viewer (or the READIUM extension in the Chrome browser. Granted that not many epub3 books currently exist, but most "publishers", except Amazon, are headed to supporting that standard. This will allow for must more individualized interaction than is allowed in iBooks Author.

  4. Thanks again Karen.
    I welcome the epub3 standard and hope it will both become as universal as possible and provide greater design possibilities. I'm not a believer in Author either as it's for one device only, allthough we will see some nice books created with it.
    If we're going back to the ebooks made via Blurb the big issue really is that basically none of them were originally designed to be experienced digitally and with a simple software.


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