PDF books by Bertrand Fleuret

From top: 1-3. From "The Risk of an Early Spring  4-5. From "Landmasses and Railways"

"BERTRAND FLEURET was born in Versailles, France, 1969. He studied photography and graphic-design at École des Beaux-Arts de Versailles and London College of Printing. His first book, The Risk of an Early Spring was published by Artimo in 2004. Fleuret lives and works in Berlin, Germany." J&L Books

Format: PDF (or book)

Price: Free

Comment: Bertrand Fleuret has his two books "The Risk of an Early Spring" and "Landmasses and Railways" available as free PDF downloads from his website. The PDFs are of quite low resolution, but that actually didn't disturb me much as the photos are very graphical. I especially like the spreads with two photos in these books, which you can look a long time at and try to make up your own associations between. Both are quite lengthy books, but the sequencing always keeps them exciting. 

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