DPR House by Outcast Editions

The images above are iPad screen grabs.

"DPR House is located in Darling Point, one of Sydney’s most prestigious eastern harbourside suburbs. Designed by MCK Architects, a young team of award-winning, Sydney-based architects, the house displays MCK’s hallmark innovative and experimental approach to residential architecture. Designed for a young family, the conceptual framework for the house embraces both the family’s desire for a house with dramatic spaces and sequences that would inspire their day to day living, as well as complex and restrictive local authority development controls. The result is a unique and arresting design in which the idea of ‘house as landscape’ provides a domestic topography where daily activities are undertaken on a flowing, folded and hinged terrain. Material richness in the form of finely detailed brickwork, timber shakes, slate shingles and folded seam copper lend a compelling complexity to this arresting house. MCK received the Australian Institute of Architects’ highest award for outstanding residential architecture for DPR House in 2011."  Outcast Editions

Format: App compatible with iPad only.

Price: $9.99

Comment: "DPR House" is one of the new apps from digital architecture publisher Outcast Editions. It contains text, photographs, a video and lots of drawings of floor plans and details. I'm by no means an architecture expert, but I like the architectural photographs by Richard Glover and I think that the rendered drawings look very good. The navigation and design is superb, and might be one of the best I've personally seen. The photos are very crisp and detailed on the retina display, but I wish that the nicely captured video was of a bit higher resolution. I also wish that you could swipe between pages and could hide the navigation at the bottom, but apart from this it works very well and the captioning works brilliantly.
"DPR House" is not an app with narrative as in the photobooks we're used to look at, and is clearly aimed at an architecture audience. I'm sure the target audience will be very happy with the app though, and I must admit it's hard to not get drawn in by the place, environment and architecture.


Content: 17/20

Design: 13/15

Value: 4/5

TOTAL: 34/40

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