Carol Golemboski's Psychometry clamshell box

Carol Golemboski recently released the Psycometry iPad App. She has also produced a custom clamshell box to fit an iPad with the app installed. Below she explains the idea behind it.

"I had an idea to create a “traveling iPad” that I could load with the Psychometry app and send to galleries for display. It also serves as a good vehicle to introduce the app at art fairs such as the AIPAD Show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York, where it will be on display in the Robert Klein Gallery booth from April 4th-7th.

The box is designed to resemble a beautiful clothbound book when closed, and allow viewers to experience the app when open. I came across the website of Kristin Dunn Bookbinding and Design and thought her “Portfolio Box for iPad” provided the perfect starting point. I worked with Roxanne Davison, lead designer at Brainchild Blueprints, to provide instructions for Kristin to create this custom clamshell box. It not only opens like a book, but can be propped up to view in an upright position. It was the perfect solution to link my digital photobook to a physical photobook."

About the App

Psychometry is an interactive artist’s book that entices viewers to explore the haunting imagery of photographer Carol Golemboski. This dynamic iPad app uses new media to illuminate Golemboski’s psychologically charged still life imagery. Interactive features highlight her unique darkroom process, which combines photography and drawing in ambiguous and provocative ways. Studio tours, location shots, essays, video interviews, and process demonstrations give viewers insight into the mind of the artist. This innovative app exemplifies the possibilities for artists and designers using the iPad platform as a vehicle for publishing interactive books.

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