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iPad screen grabs of Remix. Photo from Byron Wolfe's Everyday.

I recently asked some publishers if I could use screen grabs of their digital photobooks in a slideshow. The idea was to make a remix edit, placing the books in new and different contexts beside each other. Creative editing for me, and a way to promote some digital books. Instead of making a slideshow I decided that making a PDF was better. Look at your own pace or as a slideshow. It's also the way I edit/showcase some of my own projects.

Thanks to the publishers/artists who agreed. Titles included:

As it is again by JoAnn Verburg (Location Books)
Same Same by John Vink (4Rivers)
Everyday by Byron Wolfe (One Tree Press)
DPR House, MCK Architects by Outcast Editions (Outcast Editions)
Ken Schles: A Digital Resource by The Photobook Club (The Photobook Club)
Bronx Boys by Stephen Shames (FotoEvidence)
Psychometry by Carol Golemboski (Carol Golemboski)
Random Strangers by John Ryan Brubaker (Turn Out Press)
Maps for Getting Lost by John Ryan Brubaker (Turn Out Press)
Untitled by Larry Clark (Nieves)


1496 x 2048 px pdf, 26 pages, 23 photos.

Download (16 mb)

The PDF's size is optimized for viewing on the iPad with iBooks.

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