Flak Photo's Making Pictures of People

Photographs by Doug Dubois, Simon Roberts, Cara Phillips, Richard Renaldi, Matt Eich and Jim Mortram.

The screen grabs above are from Flak Photo's online exhibition Making Pictures of People. It was produced in conjunction with the physical exhibition About Face: Contemporary Portraiture, at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Visitors at the exhibition will be able to see this digital exhibition on screens.

I have only looked at the online show briefly on an iPad and laptop, but I've been very impressed with the navigation, content and how well it works on a tablet. Why am I featuring a website on this blog you might ask yourself? Well, there's basically not any difference from apps/ebooks, apart from the fact that you're using an url instead. Considering the current mess with different, limiting and non-universal ebook and app formats, in many cases it might be a better option to make curated project websites like this one.

I hope Andy Adams of Flak Photo and his team will continue producing these excellent websites. It's a great follow up to Looking at the Land, and it's not hard to see that a lot of time, thought and dedication went into this. 
Now, I will continue looking. Highly recommended.

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