Online Editions by Fazal Sheikh

From top: 1. "The Victor Weeps",  2-3. "Moksha" and 4-5. "The Circle". The images are laptop screen grabs.
Photos Copyright © Fazal Sheikh

"Fazal Sheikh is an artist who uses photographs to document people living in displaced and marginalized communities around the world. His principle medium is the portrait, although his work also encompasses personal narratives, found photographs, sound, and his own written texts. He works from the conviction that a portrait is, as far as possible, an act of mutual engagement, and only through a long-term commitment to a place and to a community can a meaningful series of photographs be made. His overall aim is to contribute to a wider understanding of these groups, to respect them as individuals and to counter the ignorance and prejudice that often attaches to them. 
Each of his projects is collected and published and is exhibited internationally in galleries and museums. He also works closely with human rights organizations and believes in disseminating his work in forms that can be distributed as widely as possible and can be of use to the communities themselves.
Over the past decade, Fazal Sheikh has made all his projects widely available over the Internet. This website is, therefore, a record of his work to date and constitutes an online exhibition, a publishing resource, and an archive."  Fazal Sheikh's website

Format: Website

Price: Free

Link: Fazal Sheikh

Comment: Fazal was kind enough to let me use some screen grabs of his "Online Editions".
Making his publications available online in different languages is a great way of making the work available to not only collectors of his books, but maybe hopefully also to a small part of the very communities/areas he works in, and of course to the rest of the world.
Make sure you have a lot of time on your hands before clicking any link that leads to his website, because there's a lot to see and read, and it's good.

FYI: Sheikh's show "Ether" is currently on view at the Pace/MacGill Gallery in New York, until October 20.

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