Tusk by Ana Cabaleiro

The images above are iPad screen grabs.

"Ana Cabaleiro is a spanish emerging film photographer, who is extremely masterful at capturing the beauty of the arid, vast, and lonely spaces.

Ana & Atem Books publishing house joined forces in order to present a contemporary way of understanding photography -a photo book application for iPad, which allows us to travel over the photographer series, flow amongst expandable photographs of idyllic and hidden landscapes and of Ana’s most nocturnal and intimate side.

The enchanting quality of these strictly film photos teletransports you into a magical place, where you can feel the texture and smell the perfume of the fresh air and where you can also download some of this feelings as wallpapers. As if you were a passenger of this adventure…"  Ubicuo Studio

Format: App compatible with iPad only.

Price: $0.99

Links: iTunes and Ubicuo Studio

Comment: This app doesn't only include "Tusk", but also the "Fanzine-Diary". The photography in Tusk is to me what looks like roadtrip photography, vast landscapes with warm light, often with a person in them.
The music in the Tusk book works well with the photos. The photos in Fanzine are more of the personal and intimate kind, and in both books nature is often used as a backdrop.
The design has a good structure, but at the same time tries to make creative use of the horizontal direction, with some photos starting at one page and ending at the next. The same can be said of some of the small photos that you have to enlarge to get a closer look at. These are conscious decisions and it's good to see this kind of experimentation, which sometimes makes it a bit more exciting to look at.


Content: 14/20

Design: 12/15

Value: 5/5

TOTAL: 31/40

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