Greg Albers on the lack of artists' e-books

Greg Albers of Hol Art Books has written a blog post "From photocopy to EPUB, artists' e-books are coming" at Museum Digital Publishing Bliki. Greg, who recently answered five questions here at The Digital Photobook starts out with a Twitter qoute by Corinna Kirsch of Art Fag City:

"Either I’m missing something or there’s a serious lack of artist-designed apps and e-books."
Corinna Kirsch, October 12, 2012 (@hereisfantasy)

He agrees with her and then mentions a slowly growing number of photographers as one of the exceptions: 

"Kirsch is right. Aside from Badlands Unlimited and a modest if slowly growing number of photographers as featured in The Digital Photobook there is very, very little going on as far as artist-driven digital publishing."
Greg Albers

I couldn't agree more with both Greg and Corinna, and Greg's post is great because he explains why he thinks this is the case, breaks down the problem in simple logic steps and even tries to provide some solutions.

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