99 Findings by Hiroshi Watanabe

The images above are iPad screen grabs.

" "99 Findings” is the first app for iPad of Hiroshi Watanabe that expands on the basis of "Findings" published by Photolucida in 2007.

・New images are added to the original "Findings" and there are 99 photographs in this publication, thus the name.

・An interview movie with Hiroshi Watanabe on his photography by Douglas Stockdale.

・His darkroom is shown for the first time in a movie in which he shows how he prints his photographs in his darkroom.

・All the 99 photographs are plotted on the Map where they were taken. You can enjoy a virtual travel all over the world with them."  Hibiku

Format: App compatible with iPad only.

Price: $13.99

Links: iTunes and Hibiku

Comment: 99 Findings is a full featured app with 99 photographs as the title implies, two videos and a map. There's no doubt that it contains impressive photography, and the design is functional but maybe not the most inspiring and best integrated. The page layout and captioning works well for me though, allthough I wish the images were of a bit higher resolution. There are two videos and one is of Watanabe in the darkroom, which could be valuable and interesting if you have a interest in traditional darkroom work. The other one is an interview by Douglas Stockdale that provides great insight to Watanabe's work. The videos won't turn horizontally so you end up with a quite small video image.
To end this interview, I want to say that there's always room for improvement and this app is probably worth your money if you're a big fan of the work or don't want to splash out on the original "Findings".


Content: 17/20

Design: 8/15

Value: 3/5

TOTAL: 28/40

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