Sorry for the lack of posts

Recently I haven't had the time to post as much as I want to. I've been focusing on making new photographs, completing my new Perspective pdf book as well as dealing with many other tasks. I'm not sure when and if I'll get back to posting again. It takes more time than one can imagine, especially getting enough time to look at new projects as carefully as I want to, and trying to transform my thoughts into posts.
I started this blog to bring more attention to the digital world of photo books and it was never something I imagined myself to carry on with forever. The blog will of course stay online and there might be the occasional new posts as well, either by me or guests, but not as frequently. So still feel free to contact me if you want to tell me about a new project or need input on one. I'm also on Twitter where I'll continue sharing projects and news. I'll use the hashtag #digiphotobook and encourage everyone who wants to share related news or discussions to use it.



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