Top Digital Photobooks

This time of the year, lists of the best photo books are starting to appear on blogs and websites. As a contrast I decided to make a list with what I consider the best and most important digital photo books (or collections of them). Due to the lack of published digital books compared to physical books, and that it's still a relatively new medium, I included some books published before 2012 as well.

iPad screen grab from CCcell

Top Pick:

CCcell by Taiji Matsue

Highly Recommended:

As it is again by JoAnn Verburg

Bronx Boys by Stephen Shames

Everyday by Byron Wolfe

Ken Schles: Invisible City, A Digital Resource by The Photobook Club

Nieves App

Online Editions by Fazal Sheikh

Personal Best by Elliott Erwitt

Quest for Land by John Vink

Radiation Tokyo by Suguru Takeuchi

Still Crazy by Taishi Hirokawa

Sugimoto 1988 by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Tokyo Suburbia by Takashi Homma

Tunnel by Hoichi Nishiyama

War Primer 2 by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin

Where E-books and Photobooks Meet by Greg Albers

Other notable projects and books I haven't had the chance to look at: 

Figures & Fictions

Oil by Edward Burtynsky

Via PanAm by Kadir Van Lohuizen

For an updated and permanent list have a look at my Recommendations.


  1. Clearly this is exactly what I refer to a delightful article! Do you this portal for private joy solely or you basically use it profit wise?

  2. It's used to showcase and promote digital photobooks and not to make a profit. If there's an ad, it's because I personally use/read it, and I don't use affiliate links in any of the reviews. If I would, I would be honest about it.

  3. Thanks for the kind comment btw.


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