The Afronauts by Cristina De Middel - Preview and book/app comparison

I've been able to preview the upcoming "The Afronauts" App by Cristina De Middel and Ubicuo Studio for two days. The book the app is based on got a lot of attention, sold out quickly and is now out of reach for most people. Cristina didn't want to print a second edition of the book, and instead decided to make an app to make the work more accessible.

Many are familiar with the book so I decided to post some comparison samples between the book and the app.
As you can see, the book is on the left and the app to the right. Two of the images to the right features two images/pages of the app, and are divided by a thin black line. Click the photos to enlarge.
I would like to thank Tom Claxton of Claxton Projects for letting me use his beautiful photos of the book.

The app will be compatible with both iPad and iPhone, and will launch on April 17th costing €5.99.

Photos of the book © Claxton Projects. Photos of the app are iPad screen grabs.

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